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Red, White and Blue 3-Pack

$ 34.99$ 40.97

**Remember if you live in a warm climate, this is chocolate and it can melt.  We are NOT responsible for melted toffee.  Order a cold box for added security. Also be sure to watch tracking or send it to a place of employment.**


In honor of the USA, we present the return of America's Favorite Toffee in a Red, White & Blue Special. Three 'Merica packed flavors to get you in the mood to kick off a sweet summer!! Our Dark Chocolate Cherry, Star Spangled Vanilla, and Blueberry Crunch combination will have you seeing fireworks and is guaranteed to be a hit at any holiday party! Order now while supplies last and remember to Eat Responsibly!

Our toffee is like none you've ever tasted before!  Traditionally, English Toffee is hard, brittle and tough on your teeth. Not Dave's Sweet Tooth! Our toffee still has that brittle "snap" you love, but it melts in your mouth and does not stick to your teeth. Don't just take our word for it! Check out a few reviews below and see what people are saying. Enjoy responsibly! 

One of each (3 total) 8 oz. mini jars


Dark Chocolate Cherry 

No artificial syrups or flavorings were harmed in the making of this product. You read that right…. we only use real, dried, Traverse City cherries in our Dark Chocolate Cherry Toffee. Being so close to the Cherry Capital, we decided to marry this versatile fruit with our already outstanding Dark Chocolate Toffee. The result is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Consider it an homage of sorts to our Michigan roots.

Star Spangled Vanilla 

Continuing our tradition of using only the best ingredients available, we've put a 'Merica themed twist on our number one selling seasonal flavor!

We've infused our light, buttery, almond toffee, with Beanilla's premium bold vanilla, and then layered it between a perfectly balanced coating of white chocolate and crushed almonds, then added some red and blue sprinkles to really set it off! The flavor is a perfect addition to our award winning line of toffee's.

Blueberry Crunch

Just like our Dark Chocolate Cherry Toffee, we took a Fan favorite and added a little POP to it!  This time we took our classic Milk Chocolate Toffee and added diced blueberries to the mix.  You get our amazing Milk Chocolate Toffee taste, that you know so well, with a subtle zing at the end! Think Blueberry Muffin but with a toffee crunch!


Naturally Gluten Free

All Natural Ingredients

No Preservatives

Kosher Certified

Red, White and Blue 3-Pack

$ 34.99$ 40.97