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Due to Covid- 19, all mail carrier services are extremely backed up due to the overwhelming number of packages being sent this holiday season. 

If you are inquiring about your package that has been shipped, please check your tracking number. We do not have any way to get more information other than what the tracking number gives

If your package is stuck at a postal service location (including those stuck for weeks), There is nothing we can do and nothing the postal workers can do to speed up your shipment.  We ALL must understand many Christmas gifts are stuck at the postal service centers and will not arrive on time.  Your package is with millions of other packages waiting to get processed. There is no way to locate the package until it gets processed.

If you are inquiring about a refund for your order that has already shipped. We cannot give a refund while a shipment is being sent.  If you would like a refund, once the package is received, please write decline on the package and put it back in your mailbox.  Our packages have our return address on them and are easily recognizable.  Once we receive the package a full refund will be given.  We understand this is a inconvenience but this is the process.  

We get your packages shipped as fast as possible however, we have no control of the package once it has left our facility. Our postal workers are working very hard to deliver your packages and working many hours of overtime, please thank them for their hard work.

These are crazy times for all especially for small business's trying to survive.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Here is a great article and video from the local news that helps explain the dilemma.  

News Article and video about Postal Service Back Ups


If you have a question other than the items mentioned above please email us at orders@davessweettooth.com.