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Here are some of our favorite reviews from toffee fans all over...

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Really I couldn't even make these up, these are all real. Cant wait to see what people come up with next!!

10-18-18 - This one is long but great!!!

Hello! I just Have to share my toffee story! My boyfriend was grabbing a few ingredients for dinner at our local food store. While there, he noticed your toffee and picked me up a bag as a sweet treat to bring home for me. I don't partically have a sweet tooth, but on occassion enjoy a sweet treat. When it comes to Toffee, I have Never liked it. It's typically hard, sticks to your teeth So Terribly, you're afraid you might have to make a Special Trip to your Dentist to have him Pry it out of your mouth.... and tastes like pure sugar. Ugh! Anyway, I was thankfull for his sweet gesture thinking of me. In the evening hours, after dinner, I decided to try a piece. OH MY GOODNESS! I was Absolutely Blown Away! I was running around Squealing with Delight! He was sleeping and I was making Such a commotion, I woke him up! He thought something had happened. Something Did Happen! I Discovered The Most Amazing Toffee on the Entire Planet! I proceeded to Thoroughly Enjoy the Entire Bag, with the exception of one piece I saved for him to try. I asked him to Please return to the store and buy ALL the toffee from your company they had! He came home with Many bags! Coffee is my Absoulte Favorite~Such a Wonderfully Intense Coffee Flavor, the buttery flavor of REAL butter~A Blend of Astonishing Perfection! It is neither crumbly nor sticky, hard or impossible to digest. It Melts in your Mouth!!! My second Favorite is the Dark Chocolate! Rich and Mellow~All at the Same Time! It Isn't bitter as many dark chocolate treats can be. I should let you know that I am Retired from the Restaurant Business and am an Asolute Food Snob/Critic! I may like aspects of a dish or desert, but can identify what changes need to be made to make it better. DON'T CHANGE A THING! The Freshness of your ingredients and the Love and Care you put into Each and Every Piece comes through! The Exceptional Quality is Impressive and is Deserving of the Highest Culinary Praise! Hand Crafting your toffee Without the use of quick fix Technology/Equipment that compromises Quality Is Gratefully Appreciated! I Even love your packaging! Well Thought Out and Spot On! I Simply Cannot Say Enough Positive~THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I went from being a Toffee Disliker to a Dave's Toffee Hoarder! I am Happy to Share my Bounty with Others! I will tell Anyone and Everyone about your Amazing Toffee! How about setting up a Commercial for your company! :) Dave's Coffee Toffee by the Sea! Me sitting on the beach on a Beautiful Fall Day, Enjoying your Coffee Toffee with my thermos of hot coffee to go with it! Dave's Toffee~Life Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!!



I got a sample of this toffee in a Love With Food Box & thought "yuck, I don't like toffee, I probably won't ever try this" as I threw it in my work bag. The next day work was stressful so I ended up trying it despite a life long hatered of toffee. (Chocolate keeps women from going on killing sprees in case you didn't know.) Holy life changing experience Batman!! I LOVED this stuff!!!!! That's why I ordered the Mini Jar Collection & now I'm not only a toffee convert, I may well have become an addict! I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. My husband & I went to organic/natural food 3 years ago & I started cooking everything from scratch about a year ago. You can deffinitly tell when time, effort, & high quality ingredients go into something. Thank you Dave's Sweet Tooth. Thank you for making a quality product that meets my absurdly high standards & ridiculously picky palette. Rest assured that you have helped make the world a better & safer place now that my husband can calm me with your awesome toffee.



"Do you want to know what it's like to kiss a arctic fox with the face of DiCaprio, I'm talking The Departed, The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet Revolutionary Road Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio while under a waterfall that pours Nutella and Spicy Doritos where calories don't exist and while kissing you he whispers, "I don't care how long you spend at Target, and yes, of course I want to go to Ulta, oh, T.J. Max and Home Goods, I've already got it in the gps and of course I want... to eat Chipotle for lunch and dinner." Then you notice you are actually in the back seat of a Cadillac Escalade with a mini fridge full of Dippin Dots and your best friend Tom Ford says he has like 100 Gucci purses he needs to find a home for and asks you if you mind taking them but your hands are too full from holding the 4,000 Birkins you already own. If you want to know what this feels like then you probably should head out and get some Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee Milk Chocolate. I'm pretty sure you won't ever be the same again."


  • I really enjoyed this toffee! It wasn't sticky or tacky at all so my teeth were free of toffee after eating, which i love. Chocolate and toffee, YES PLEASE!
  • Consistent product —-hard to mess with perfection. Quality not quantity works for me, takes me back to the old days when products were made with high-quality ingredients —-nice job David
  • The best toffee every made!! Even people who don't like toffee love it.
  • If food could be my boyfriend, this would be him. Enough said.
  • If toffee crack was a such thing, this would be it. I intended to eat one piece, and could....not....stop. I finished the whole bag
  • This stuff is amazing.... the best chocolatey treat I've ever had. Yummy.. I shared with one of my besties and even she was blown away. Dave knows the way to a woman's heart! 
  • These are absolutely delicious!!!! I will repurchase for myself but I also think these would make amazing gifts for friends or housewarming/visiting friends gifts instead of the same old wine\tacky gifts! So yummy.
  • My gluten free daughter devoured them all in one afternoon. She thought it was the best gift ever. Thank you
  • So good!!! Eat plain, bake with, ice cream topping...so good!
  • On the back of the bag it's stated that these are made in small batches, by hand essentially with ingredients you'd use in your own kitchen.... And you can certainly tell! These things are absolutely fresh and delicious.
  • This is Heaven in a bag. Trust me. IT'S SO GOOD!!!!!
  • These were so good they were evil! 
  • I have wanted to try this for months. Not sure if I'm glad I did or not because it is SCRUMPTIOUS and I never want to ever be without it again! 
  • I am a Toffee Lover for sure! I wasn't sure I would like these at first, but let me tell you... they are absolutely delicious! I will definitely be buying these again. 
  • Totally amazing! My hubby even liked it and he's not a dark chocolate fan (of course I didn't tell him it was dark chocolate)
  • Absolutely delicious and I am not a fan of Toffee. I got to try this from a friend who insisted, and it was amazing. I had to buy some for myself.
  • Fantastic stuff! Normally do not like toffee but this is not like any i've had before. 
  • These toffee bits are amazing. Just the right amount of chocolate and crunch without being too hard.
  • Daves sweet tooth dark chocolate toffee was prolly the first ever dark chocolate anything that I have ever tried and loved!!!! I ate the whole bag!!!! Amazing!!! 
  • Although one piece is more than enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, I can't lie...the bag was gone within 2 days of me getting it. This is great toffee
  • Everybody in my household was eating it. I had to hide it!
  • OMG! What a treat! This candy blew me away. I made sure that my husband and roommate both tried it......then I ate the rest of the bag. So delicious. I WILL be buying these again.
  • I can't say enough about these. I always want more! They were off the chain!!! Everyone in my house loved them! 
  • LORD this stuff was toooooooooo good, and should be banned from everywhere. I will be buying again.
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